Host David Wayne Reed Host David Wayne Reed

Dana Joel Nicholson and the fortuitous mishap with the Stanley Cup.

Object: Picture of Stepfather with Stanley Cup

peregrine-capture Peregrine Honig: Reality Show Survivor

“I was the last to lose.”

Object: Cowboy boots

Ryan Wray wins everything.

Object: Ice Cream Maker

zophia-capture Zophia McDougal“The Hit.”

Object: Oblong softball

Abby Wray, Forensics Tournament Champ

Object: State Qualifying Forensics Medals

babette Babette Geer, Ironman

Ray Ettinger,  Guiness Book World Record holder

steve-reed-mystery-prize-winner-shelf-life-winning Steve Reed, Winner of the Mystery Prize. (18 vintage horse show ribbons from the 40s-50s)