14976358_1111180798997986_2390159790877987054_o Archivist Samuel Rushay from the National Archives shares insights into polling, and displays Harry S. Truman’s actual handwriting and Electoral College predictions in the year of ‘Dewey Defeats Truman’

Host David Wayne Reed tells his unbelievable story about going from homelessness to getting a temp job working on the front lines of the 2000 presidential election.

15000852_1111180915664641_5282451080810212523_o Benji King shares his story of collecting pollitical ephemera (teeny tiny Mitt Romney seen right) and how he once told a freshman Senator from Illinois to run for President

An Adlai Stevenson election pin and the salty brilliance of Lisa Cordes in her tale of political DNA.

14917183_1111181068997959_2320880901643309927_o Former NFL tight end and All American, Martin T. Rucker II displays his first set of football cleats and a winning story of sacrifice, ethics, and humility in politics as he runs for the Missouri House of Representatives

Ry Kincaid offers up the flier for his one man hourlong musical honoring each of the 44 US Presidents before singing us Mt. Rushmore

14918774_1111181372331262_913407600403720206_o Kate Haugan as the Gifter. The gift was a Bobby Kennedy for President campaign button and an unopened pack of Bobby Kennedy collectible cards and bubblegum still inside!